Researchers are learning and telling us more about the role of chronic inflammation in a wide range of diseases and how inflammation, one of our body’s natural defense mechanisms, causes real damage to body cells and their functions.

Molly advises you dramatically reduce the “wheat, sugar, red meat, and dairy” in your diet as these all have been found to cause inflammation.

Berries have long been recognized as one of the healthiest foods. Among their many benefits, berries are: loaded with antioxidants, high in fiber, nutrient dense, and their antioxidants can help protect against cancer. Berries also are great for your skin as the ellagic acid in berries helps control free radicals and reduce skin aging and damage.

Aren’t we fortunate that we live in the Yakima Valley where delicious locally grown berries are available throughout the summer to help us improve our overall health in a very delicious way!

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