Dark spots, overall discoloration and other forms of hyperpigmentation are cause by:

  • UV Exposure
  • Hormones
  • Injury to the skin (acne, etc.)

How do you solve Hyperpigmentation?

  1. Exfoliate – Regular exfoliation removes the upper “crust” of skin so active lightening ingredients can penetrate better. It also speeds up cell turnover so dark spots face fast.
  2. Lighten – Brighten dark damage with LightPlex MegaWatt Skin Brightener and LightPlex GigaWatt Dark Sport Corrector. Both use a breakthrough blend to brighten only pigmented areas without lightening surrounding skin.
  3. Protect – At the end of the day, even the best hyperpigmentation products will be useless if you don’t protect your skin from UV damage. 2/3 of all UV damage is incidental, so wear a broad-spectrum SPF every single day.