The Life of a Skin Cell

From beginning to end, the life cycle of every skin cell you have is about 28-30 days. During the last week of this cycle, cells become flaky and dull. Our skin works hard to shed these dead cells, but this process takes longer and longer as we age. That’s why proper exfoliation with a professional Bioelements product is key!

Week 1 – A cell is “born” – bright, new and healthy. This layer is regenerative – it is closest to blood flow in the dermis – and provides color to the skin.

Week 2 – Here, the skin cell still maintains a healthy color. Its shape becomes more irregular as it begins to accumulate toughening proteins – preparing to become part of your body’s most protective barrier.

Week 3 – The mature cell has now broken down a bit with age. It is wider, flatter, and adheres strongly to other cells. This cell is tough and protective.

Week 4 – It only takes a few weeks for this once healthy skin cell to become flaky, dehydrated and colorless. This final stage consists of about 10 to 30 sub-layers of dead cells. Two to three of these layers are shed daily. Exfoliation will help the process.

At your next appointment, talk with Molly about how her services and Bioelements products reveal healthy skin cells for a younger, more vibrant look.

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