Hydration is essential for healthier, clearer, brighter skin!

Follow these Bioelements expert tips to get hydrated from the inside and out!

FROM THE INSDIE … H20. AND LOTS OF IT.  Next time you reach for that diet soda, save yourself a dollar and fill up a glass of water. Your skin cells will use it to flush out toxins and repair damage. They’ll also need its help to absorb and transport moisture-promoting nutrients.

NOURISH.  Keep your skin cells healthy and hydrated with the energizing and moisturizing properties of vitamins. Foods with Vitamin B (oats, barley, wheat bran, avocado, salmon) will keep your skin smooth and hydrated. Vitamin E (found in olive oil, eggs, almonds, and apples) will help skin retain major moisture, and Vitamin C (red bell pepper, papaya, oranges or broccoli) will fight the damaging, drying effects of the weather throughout the year.

AND OUT.  MOISTURIZE.  Your skin loses moisture day and night and it’s your job to replenish it! Keep your skin hydrated and resilient with the proper moisturizer. Stay hydrated at night with Bioelements Sleepwear.

PROTECT.  Of course, you already know the sun is your skin’s arch enemy. So, wear a sun protector, every day!

Talk with Molly during your next appointment and she’ll share her tips on staying hydrated!