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DRY SKIN – Your skin is dry if:

  • You rarely experience any t-zone oil
  • Your skin feels “tight”
  • You see few or no pores on the nose
  • You skin tends to be thin-textured with some lines

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 OILY SKIN – Your skin is oily if

  • Your skin gets oily within a few hours after cleansing
  • You see visible, large, and often clogged pores
  • Breakouts are common
  • Your skin appears shiny all over, with an oily t-zone

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COMBINATION SKIN – Your skin is combination if

  • Your t-zone gets moderately oily a few hours after cleansing
  • Your skin feels dehydrated at times
  • You have visible pores in the t-zone
  • You experience some clogged pores (blackheads)

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SENSITIVE SKIN – Your skin is sensitive if

  • Ordinary skin care products cause stinging, itching or a burning sensation
  • You easily flush
  • Your skin appears flaky and dry
  • You experience random red blotches on the neck and/or face

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ACNE PRONE SKIN – You have acne-prone skin if

  • Your pores are clogged (blackheads and whiteheads)
  • Multiple breakouts are common
  • You have visible inflammation and redness

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