Chemical Peels are much stronger than the chemical exfoliation you get in a facial or using at home products. Chemical Peels are for those who want a more effective procedure to improve their skin. Chemical Peels utilize strong solutions of acids to remove layers of the skin.

Molly uses Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acids for a deeper exfoliation. These treatments are only offered from September to March, because they shouldn’t be done when you have a lot of exposure to the sun.

Don’t be put off by the word “chemical” – while it may sound harsh, it‘s just a descriptive term for how the ingredients perform. For example, the orange and lemon enzymes in Quick Refiner are chemical exfoliators – they chemically dissolve your skin’s dead cells. Bioelements exfoliators use natural chemicals (Alphahydroxy acids or fruit enzymes) to gently and effectively remove dead skin cells. Applied manually they dissolve away dead cells without being moved or rubbed over the skin.

Talk with Molly during your next facial to find out how she uses natural exfoliations during your facial treatment and how a chemical peel can improve your skin.

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