Co you know a teen struggling with acne? Are you dealing with breakouts in your 20s, 30s or beyond? Acne may not care how old you are, but our tried and true pro tips can help!

  1. Be consistent – It can take up to 2-3 months to see an improvement from a regular skin care routine, so stick to it! Be sure to choose clinical formulas that are designed to cleanse, clear, and treat breakout-prone skin.
  2. Don’t cherry-pick products – It may seem exciting to test and try new products from multiple brands, but you will see the best results when all your skin care comes from the same line. Bioelements products contain max-strength, OTC ingredients, that are tested for efficacy and created to be used together for long-term results.
  3. Do see a professional – The number one way to hep prevent and heal acne is to combine the right at-home skin care with professional facial treatments. Your esthetician will know the best way to properly treat acne-prone skin, and extract clogged pores without irritation, damage, or more blemishes.

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