At-Home Skin Care Guide

Can’t go out? Take this time to treat your skin right! Follow the tips and tricks that Bioelements expert estheticians do at home for their own skin.

  1. Deep Cleanse
    Do: cleanse twice a day to remove any dirt, impurities and makeup. Even if you’re going sans makeup at home, your skin still needs cleansing to keep congestion in check.

    DON’T: use too much product. Bioelements formulas are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way!

  2. Exfoliate the Right Way!
    DO: Choose the right exfoliator for your skin. Physical scrubs work on the top layers to slough off dead cells, while chemical AHA formulas penetrate deeper working to target dullness and age signs.

    DON’T: Be aggressive or “over-do” it. Always use gentle pressure to see results without causing barrier damage or irritation. Less is more!

    PRO TIP: to maximize time and effectiveness, try adding a small amount of a physical exfoliator to your cleanser.

  3. Mask On, Mask Off
    DO: treat yourself to a multi-mask! If your t-zone is oily but you’re experiencing some dry patches on the cheeks, apply a combination of masks just to the spots where they’re needed.

    DON’T: be afraid to mask while you sleep! Some Bioelements masks can be left on overnight for amazing results in the morning – just be sure to check the directions.

  4. Tone Often
    DO: ben generous with your spritzing. You want to make sure your entire face, neck and v-area soak in the refreshing ingredients from your Bioelements toner of choice.

    DON’T: Skip this step! Many people think a toner isn’t important, bua facial toner balances the skin’s natural pH levels, which is essential for optimal skin health and any results you want to achieve.

    PRO TIP: think of toner as your “after” step – use it after cleansing, after removing an exfoliating scrub, or after removing a mask. Toning helps lock in the products that follow and helps re-balance the skin after any step

  5. Target Your Concerns in Order
    DO: Incorporate a targeted serum or treatment to zero in on what concerns you most – like dullness, redness, breakouts, or hyperpigmentation.

    DON’T: forget to layer. The order of serums and treatments you apply is important. The first will penetrate the most, so choose the products that target your biggest concerns in order. You can also apply one during the day, then switch to another at night so you can get the greatest penetration of ingredients from each.

  1. Maintain Moisture
    DO: Finish with the right moisturizer for your skin type. You want to properly seal in all your hard work without either over- or under-moisturizing.

    DON’T: underestimate this step! Our bodies have a Natural Moisturizing Factor that maintains, protects and enhances healthy skin function, so take some time to find the one best suited for you!