What Should I expect from my Antiaging Treatments?  

The results of your treatment may be obvious right away after your treatment or may take some time to achieve. In some cases, skin is in poor condition and needs to be strengthened and conditioned before antiaging treatments can be performed.

What About Home Care?

Molly can provide the best guidance on caring for your skin after a treatment. She has products available for your use at home. It’s key to commit to a home care regimen in order to maximize your investment in the treatments your esthetician provides.

Why Choose an Associated Skin Care Professionals Practitioner?

As a member of ASCP, your skin care professional’s state licensing credentials and/or core training have been verified. ASCP members follow a code of ethics ensuring you’re treated reasonably, confidentially, and with utmost respect.

Genetics, health, environmental and lifestyle choices all play a role in how your skin ages. Molly will be happy to sit down with you and discuss available options to help improve the appearance of your skin.