Does your skin need a pick-me-up between your regularly scheduled facials?

Molly recommends pairing two new products to get the hydrating lift and boost your skin’s radiance.

Step 1 – NuPeel Natural Enzyme Peel

Your first step is the natural enzyme peel from Theraderm – NuPeel.

NuPeel provides gentle, effective exfoliation in a non-abrasive formula with utilizes papaya/papain enzymes to naturally and gently exfoliate skin. It contains Retinyl palimitate (retinol), a derivative of Vitamin A that unclogs pores, boosts collagen and accelerates cellular turnover. Packed with skin-soothing botanical extracts such as aloe, pineapple, grape seed, green tea leaf and cucumber,  NuPeel smooths dry rough skin and boosts radiance.

Step 2 – Hydroplunge by Bioelements

Follow your NuPeel exfoliation with Bioelement’s Hydroplunge, a hyper-saturating immersion mask for dehydrated skin with sugar beet and hyaluronic acid.  which limits hydration loss and helps optimize your skin’s barrier. It delivers undeniable hydration that’s fast and lasts! Plunge moisture deep into parched layers of your skin for smooth, ageless bounce, improved line appearance & hydration that endures.

Results you can see:
– 93% showed improvement in hydration 30 minutes aft3r use
– 50% experienced a decrease in skin dryness for a full 24 hours after rinsing.

Talk with Molly during your next appointment about the benefits of pairing NuPeel and Hydroplunge for an effective boost to your skin’s radiance!