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The Esthetician’s Guide to Spring Skin Care

A new season means it’s time to take a new look at your skin care routine and what you might be doing differently to get the best results.

Springtime means warmer, less dry air is on its way! but for allergy suffers, spring can also mean more redness, irritation and sensitivities. follow our esthetician tips for happy, bright, comfortable skin this season.

Soothe at every step

Spritz skin with a comforting aloe + silver ear mushroom toner like soothing reset mist after cleansing, exfoliating, and mask removal to keep skin balanced + nourished. See Soothing Reset Mist 

Give skin a breath of fresh air

The revitalizing hydrogen peroxide in oxygenation gives skin exhausted by age, stress, or smoke a clean, fresh feeling with refined radiance – like an oxygen facial in a jar.  See Oxygenation

Slow down the race against time

A retinol-free, multi-benefit serum packed with natural ingredients like is a perfect choice to target premature age progression while decreasing redness.  See Serums

Talk with Molly about the benefits of these products during your next appointment.