See the Commitment from Bioelements to make a difference in fighting plastic pollution

Looking for a beauty brand that cares about the environment? Bioelements is taking action against plastic pollution by teaming up with Cleanhub. Our formulas are currently packaged in plastic for safety and efficacy reasons, but we’re committed to making a difference. Our goal is to achieve plastic neutrality and increase plastic recovery rates in critical regions to prevent marine plastic pollution. By partnering with Cleanhub, we’re intercepting plastic waste before it can enter our natural environments and collecting material already in the environment to keep it out of the oceans.

Not only that, but we’re also working with Green Worms – a social enterprise from Kerala, India. They follow a set of core principles to minimize waste generation, divert waste from landfills and oceans, and dignify people working with waste. Join us in our efforts to protect our planet by choosing Bioelements.

Read more about this work and their Plastic Neutrality Goal on the Bioelements website.

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