Do you have enlarged pores?

Molly addresses large pores during customized facials by using steam, gentle exfoliation, and extraction tools to soften and remove clogged pores during a professional facial, ensuring thorough cleansing without causing damage to the skin.

Some individuals are using “pore fillers” to combat enlarged pores in their skincare routine, but this trend may be counterproductive. Genetics and prolonged skin congestion primarily determine pore size. Using pore fillers can actually stretch pores further and worsen the problem by introducing dirt, debris, and oil.

Preventing large pores is crucial, as they cannot be shrunk once stretched. The best approach is to maintain clear pores through cleansing, exfoliation, and treating with appropriate products. Focus on controlling excess oil to reduce pore size. Additionally, specific skincare products like Age Activist Clinical Youth Serum and Skin Editor can help improve pore appearance. Avoid products that promise miraculous pore disappearance, as they often don’t deliver.

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