Skin flooding is a water-quenching routine that dramatically boosts skin’s hydration – “flooding” it with essential moisture so it’s soft, clear and healthy.

Skin flooding isn’t new, but has been recommded by skincare specialists for years.

The process involves layering products in a particular order to provide deeper, longer-lasting hydration. The routine starts with a cleanser, then is followed by toner, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and finally a moisturizer.

Bioelements recommends these products for effective Skin Flooding:

Layer 1 – Equalizer
Layer 2 – Moisture X10
Layer 3 – vc 10 Nightly bright
Layer 4 – Moisturizer – Barrier Fix Daily Hydrator

Talk with Molly during your next appointment about this tried and true method to super-moisturize your skin!