Unlock healthier skin with a game-changing step during your facial: the mask. Our Bioelements facial masks aren’t just another skincare routine addition — they’re the secret to revitalizing your skin. Tailored to address various skin concerns, these masks pack a punch of hydration, purification, rich nourishment, and acne-fighting elements, delivering a noticeable transformation in just ten minutes.

Molly, with her skincare expertise, analyzes your skin and handpicks the perfect mask to cater to its needs the day of your facial. As your facial nears its end, she applies the mask’s potent ingredients and seals them in with an occlusion mask. This sealing step ensures the ingredients penetrate deep into your skin’s layers, unlocking their full potential for a radiant complexion.

Ready to experience this game-changer for your skin? Reach out to Molly at (509) 575-4555 today and elevate your skincare routine with the magic of our facial masks.