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The Best Way to Exfoliate Your Skin

What does exfoliating do? Is it really necessary to exfoliate? How do you exfoliate? As a skin care professional, these are just a few questions Molly receives on a daily basis about exfoliation. This skin care technique is crucial for all skin types, but might be the most misunderstood. Read this Bioelements article to learn […]

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Bioelements - Skin Editor

Let’s Get Chemical

Want luminous, smooth, healthy-looking skin?  Add a chemical exfoliator to your skin care agenda. What is chemical exfoliation?   Unlike physical scrubs that work on the skin’s surface, chemical exfoliators offer a more complete removal of cells, and a deeper penetration of active ingredients, as acids (like glycolic or lactic) dissolve the intercellular glue that holds […]

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Hot water bath dries skin

Hot Shower/Bath Drying Out Your Skin?

Sometimes dry skin can be caused by hot showers or baths, as well as harsh soaps and cleansers with high pH levels that strip away natural oils, leaving moisture free to evaporate. Use Bioelements Recovery Serum and Moisture x10 to create a great barrier to protect your skin after cleansing.  

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Smile Mature Woman's skin care

How to choose the best chemical exfoliation & more

Now that winter is here, it’s a good time to consider scheduling an appointment with Molly for a chemical peel to give your skin a refresh before the Holiday season begins! Talk with Molly about the Bioelements products that can provide chemical exfoliation as a part of your at-home skincare routine! Read more in this […]

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What’s a Chemical Peel?

Chemical Peels are much stronger than the chemical exfoliation you get in a facial or using at home products. Chemical Peels are for those who want a more effective procedure to improve their skin. Chemical Peels utilize strong solutions of acids to remove layers of the skin. Molly uses Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acids for […]

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Bioelements - Pumice Peel

Blackheads Peak in the late Summer Months

It’s time to deal with those blackheads NOW! Are you seeing more blackheads in the oily areas of your face now that summer is over? A summer of outdoor activity with heat, sweat and excess oil can be blamed for the congestion you see in the fall. Use a manual microdermabrasion like Pumice Peel 1-3 […]

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Dry Skin Concerns - Effects of Dehydration

Dealing with Dry Skin?

Do you have issues with patches of dry skin on your face? Dry skin lacks oil, while dehydrated skin lacks water. Dryness becomes more prevalent as we age and our sebum glands diminish their production, however dry skin can be found in any age group. Dryness can also be caused by hot showers and baths, […]

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