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Barrier Fix Daily Hydrator

New Sensitive Skin Line from Bioelements

Bioelements has introduced a new line of skincare products specially formulated for Sensitive Skin.  Four steps to repairing and soothing Sensitive Skin: Step 1 Cleanse with Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil Step 2 – Mist with Soothing Reset Mist Step 3 – Hydrate with Barrier Fix Daily Hydrator Step 4 – Brighten Your Eyes with Sensitive Eye […]

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Grande Mascara

Give Yourself the Gift of Glam

GrandeLASH-MD is an award-winning eyelash conditioner, created with a proprietary blend of vitamins, peptides, amino acids, plus conditioning ingredients to promote longer and thicker looking lashes within 4-6 weeks. Expect full results within 3 months! GrandeMASCARA is a lash-boosting formula with Sympeptide 226EL, made in Italy. Get instant extreme volume, length, and healthier looking lashes […]

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Bioelements Beyond Hydration

Cool your skin this Summer

Even oily summer skin needs moisture! This refreshing gel formula will hydrate your skin and help balance oil production so you can feel confident and comfortable! Beyond Hydration: 100% oil-free hydrating moisture gel Fortified with moisturizing phospholipids and astringent plant extracts Hydrates skin without clogging pores or causing breakouts Talk with Molly during your next […]

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Want a Summer Glow Sans Shine?

Get the facts on 3 summer skin essentials! Soak it up – Restorative Clay Refine pores and absorb excess oil with this summer staple treatment mask. Its clay base and adaptogenic plan extracts leave skin fresh and bright! Prime of Your Life – Oil Control Mattifier Your warm weather staple to prime skin and reduce […]

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Dark Spots … oh No!

Are you suddenly seeing more dark spots on your skin?  Do you want to make them less visible? One of the biggest causes of dark spots (hyperpigmentation) on your skin is UV exposure.  Exposure to the summer sun can leave you with some serious fall damage. Bioelements has a product that can obliterate dark spots […]

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Sleepwear Night time moisturizer by Bioelements

Calcium is good for your bones and so much more!

You always hear a lot about the benefits of calcium, but did you know that Bioelements perfected the use of calcium in skin care with Sleepwear? Sleepwear by Bioelements contains topical calcium, which strengthens the barrier layer of the skin and helps combat daily aggressors like stress, pollution, smoke and UV rays.

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Too Hot Too Cold Bowls

Skin Care Tip – Think Like Goldilocks

…not too hot and not too cold. Moisturizer absorbs best when your skin’s temperature is just right!  If your cheeks feel cold or hot to the touch, wait until the temperature normalizes before you apply your hydrating moisturizer. Molly recommends these moisturizers: Bioelements Beyond Hydration, Absolute Moisture, Crucial Moisture.  Talk about which would be best […]

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Really Rich Moisturizer

Not all habits are bad!

Our skin constantly loses its natural moisturizing factors due to environmental aggressors – sun, wind, dry air (both cold and hot), harsh surfactants, even drying off with a towel after a shower removes needed moisture. Skin will also experience a decrease in oil production levels due to age. To maintain soft, smooth and supple skin, […]

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