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Never at Home Skin Care Guide

These are two important things you should never do yourself at home: Leave Extractions to the Experts – Only a licensed esthetician is trained to know exactly when to perform extractions and when it’s best to leave them alone. “When you pop a pimple at home, you actually rupture the stretched and weakened follicle in […]

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Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Exfoliation is an important part of skin care. Keeping the layer of dead compressed skin cells exfoliated will improve your skin care products penetration. The surface of the skin is brighter and smoother. Bacteria is less likely to get stuck in pores and create blemishes. Here are two really good in-home products to use for […]

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What’s a Chemical Peel?

Chemical Peels are much stronger than the chemical exfoliation you get in a facial or using at home products. Chemical Peels are for those who want a more effective procedure to improve their skin. Chemical Peels utilize strong solutions of acids to remove layers of the skin. Molly uses Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acids for […]

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Bioelements Breakout Control

Teens in the House? Advice on treating acne

Does your teen suffer from the all too common breakouts associated with teen skin care? Learn how to address these breakouts through Estheticians’ Top Tips for Teens  on Bioelements – As seen in Teen vogue – NYC cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Sejal Shah recommends Bioelements Breakout Control – a gentle leave-on benzoyl peroxide formula with tackles […]

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Smile Mature Woman's skin care

Advice from Bioelements Skin Minute

Got a minute? Figure out your true skin type & perfect daily agenda DRY SKIN – Your skin is dry if: You rarely experience any t-zone oil Your skin feels “tight” You see few or no pores on the nose You skin tends to be thin-textured with some lines Get your perfect Dry Skin Care […]

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