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Just Say No

Just Say No – You are in Control!

Learn to say NO – to bad habits that affect your skin’s health! NO to … using someone else’s makeup products – bacteria, infection NO to … keeping old skin care products around – throw them away a year after opening NO to … leaving the house without a sun protector – seriously, do we […]

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Berries for good health

What We Eat Matters

Researchers are learning and telling us more about the role of chronic inflammation in a wide range of diseases and how inflammation, one of our body’s natural defense mechanisms, causes real damage to body cells and their functions. Molly advises you dramatically reduce the “wheat, sugar, red meat, and dairy” in your diet as these […]

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Melanoma - skin care in Yakima

Are You Worried about Melanoma? 

If you’re worried about suspicious conditions on your skin, please go to a dermatologist for an exam. Don’t put it off as early detection is essential. For those with numerous moles and skin discolorations, consider periodic body mapping to track changes to those areas. And remember … use your sunscreens daily! For more information on […]

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Wear a Hat while kayaking!

Summer is Coming – What Not to Do While Kayaking

Don’t take this picture to heart – While nature de-stresses us and improves our overall health when we indulge in outdoor sports, you need to protect your skin while doing so. This is especially true during water sports! Wear a broad rim hat and SPF 50 skin protection as the sun reflecting from the water […]

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