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Wrinkles and Skin Inflammation

What causes Inflammation of the skin?

Chronic inflammation happens over an extensive period of time, and may or may not be visible. It’s a natural part of the aging process. Wrinkles are often scars that result from ongoing sun-induced inflammation. “Inflammaging” is the term that has emerged in regards to sun-induced wrinkles. Chronic inflammation tends to results from dehydration and sustained […]

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Time for Spring Gardening

Protect Your Skin While Gardening! When gardening be sure to wear a hat and gloves. Re-apply sunscreen every two hours to protect your skin. Drink lots of water before, during, and after gardening to ensure that your body and skin isn’t becoming dehydrated. Enjoy the healing effects of getting your hands in the dirt, relishing […]

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Layers and Cell Structure of skin

The Life of a Skin Cell

From beginning to end, the life cycle of every skin cell you have is about 28-30 days. During the last week of this cycle, cells become flaky and dull. Our skin works hard to shed these dead cells, but this process takes longer and longer as we age. That’s why proper exfoliation with a professional […]

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Dry Skin Concerns - Effects of Dehydration

Do you have a damaged skin barrier?

Most people certainly do. If you have any of the following skin conditions, it’s very likely you have a damaged skin barrier: Dehydration Redness Stinging skin Itching Flaky skin Lines Wrinkles Breakouts Excess oil Blackheads If you have one or more of the above skin issues, learn how to repair the damage and strengthen your […]

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Libation of Love – Enjoy Winter Citrus! 

Since blenders were invented (and before) people have been concocting delicious, healthy drinks using fresh ingredients.  Food blogger Lily Diamond offered this delicious Quencher recipe in a recent Day Spa Magazine: Pink Grapefruit, Cucumber & Rose Skin Quencher 2 large or 3 small Pink Grapefruits, skin, seeds, membranes removed (about 2 cups), or 1 ½ […]

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Zoom circle shows facial skin before moistening. Dry skin

Weather Proof Your Skin

As winter approaches it’s a good time to review how we’re going to keep our skin healthy in the coming season.  During the winter your skin will take a lot of abuse as air moisture levels will drop. The lack of humidity can leave your skin dry, cracked and chapped. Hydration is the essential key […]

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