Waxing Services

All About You waxing services are provided by a Licensed Esthetician in our Yakima Skin Care Spa. In addition to removing hair, body waxing also provides a light exfoliation, resulting in a brighter look to your skin.

Skin care products also absorb better when applied to exfoliated skin.

Cheeks (1/2 hour)$25.00
Chin area/upper lip (1/2 hour)$18.00
Brow sculpting (1/2 hour)$20.00
Underarms (1/4 hour)$18.00
Back (1/2 hour)$60.00 & up
Arms (1/2 hour)$30.00 & up
Upper Leg (1/2 hour)$35.00 & up
Lower Leg (1/2 hour)$30.00 & up
Full Leg (1 hour)$60.00 & up
Bikini (1 hour)$30.00 & Up
Playboy (1 hour)$60.00 & Up
Brazilian (1 hour)$80.00 & up
Waxing on your face